Our hospital leadership teams

The Trust is governed by our Board, which has overall responsibility for delivering services and is accountable for operational performance as well as our strategic direction.

Each of our three hospital sites at Aintree, the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen and Liverpool Clinical Laboratories is managed by a Hospital Management Board, which includes a Board Director, Medical Director, Director of Nursing, Director of Operations, Director of Finance and Director of Human Resources (HR) and leads from a range of support functions.

This gives each of our sites greater autonomy and the ability to have increased oversight of their opportunities, risks and issues.

Day to day management of the hospital sites is undertaken by the directors outlined below, working as Hospital Leadership Teams. This will include aspects relating to workforce, finances and quality and safety.

As a Trust we operate as one organisation, sharing the same vision and values across each of our sites.

Our Executive Team will continue to have oversight and make decisions that impact the organisation at a Trust level, while Hospital Leadership Teams have devolved control of aspects that impact the effective running of our hospitals.

  • Peter Turkington, Executive Managing Director

  • Rebecca Hanlon, Medical Director

  • Beverley Pennington, Director of Nursing

  • Neil Holland, Director of Operations

  • Shahida Mohammed, Director of Finance

  • Jenny Grant, Director of People.

  • Harry Rourke, Medical Director
  • Jenny Taylor, Director of Nursing
  • Tony Gaynor, Director of Operations.

  • Natalie Hudson, Executive Managing Director
  • Oliver Zuzan, Medical Director
  • Samantha Westwell, Director of Nursing
  • Joanne Eccles, Interim Director of Operations
  • Jim Davies, Director of Finance
  • Emma Newton, Director of People.

  • Jim Anson, Medical Director
  • Andrew Bamber, Director of Operations.