Clinical Eye Centre launch.jpg

The Clinical Eye Research Centre (CERC) at St Paul’s Eye Unit had its official opening this month since moving to the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The launch took place on the unit and invited staff, patients and suppliers to tour the new unit and hear future plans for the unit from senior leaders.

Trial participant and patient, Veronica Saporito, 81, spoke at the event about her experience of battling macular degeneration (a vision impairment resulting from deterioration of the central part of retina).

CERC Sandra Taylor.jpgVeronica said: “I was a fabric designer by trade and noticed a small grey circle whilst painting a black and white geometric fabric design. I attended my GP who told me I had macular degeneration, and at the time, there was no treatment available. After coming to terms with the diagnosis I started looking for ways to help my condition and took steps to change my diet and introduce supplements.”

“My research also led me to discover St Paul’s and I have been under their care ever since, taking part in a number of research trials and visiting for treatment.”

The purpose-based facility is home to ground-breaking ophthalmologic research, with the centre being amongst the highest research recruiters nationally. Over 20 trials currently running on the unit and another 48 trials in the pipeline, the unit prides itself on futuristic thinking to change the way medicine is practised.