In a bid to continue championing equality, diversity and inclusion across our workforce, interns from our Project SEARCH programme are now eligible to receive a fast track pass into employment via our golden ticket scheme.

Since 2022 LUHFT has proudly partnered with local organisations to support 42 Project SEARCH interns as part of a transition-to-work programme that provides real-life work experience, for young people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

The golden ticket scheme, first introduced to nursing students in 2021, is now being offered to interns who have demonstrated their ability to enrich our workforce and meet a real business need.

Amy Finnigan is one lucky recipient of the Trust’s coveted golden ticket. Following a four month placement in Patient Access Services at Broadgreen Hospital, Amy, who is visually impaired, was delighted to be offered full-time employment. She said: “My experience working at Broadgreen has been great. I’ve been able to try a variety of roles during my time here, I didn’t think I’d like an office job and I know now that I love it! I’ve felt so supported, especially as I’ve now introduced my guide dog to the team, and I’m excited to continue my journey at LUHFT.”

LUHFT Chief Executive, James Sumner, said: “The expansion of the golden ticket scheme forms part of my pledge to increase participation in the Project SEARCH programme Trust-wide. The partnership between LUHFT, Greenbank College and Liverpool City Council is one that allows us to provide opportunities to young people who are underrepresented in the workforce nationally. I look forward to seeing the programme go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.”