The Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) department at Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (LUHFT), with funding from the LUHFT charity, have implemented The Medtronic NuVent dilatation balloon, a new technology giving an alternative treatment to surgery when treating patients with chronic ear nose and throat conditions.

This technology is used to treat patients who experience issues with eustachian tubes and sinuses, connecting the back of the nose to the middle ear. This regulates pressure, drainage, and prevents infection.

Patients who suffer with eustachian tube dysfunction can experience pain, hearing impairment and increased risk of damage to the ear drum.

Dr Casey Vaughan, ENT Consultant said: “This minimally invasive procedure offers our patients who suffer with eustachian tube dysfunction an alternative option to surgical treatments such as grommet insertion, which are small ventilation tubes that are put inside a patient’s eardrum to prevent a build-up of fluid.

“We have seen this vastly improves a patient’s outcome compared with just medical management alone.”

The Innovation Team has also worked with the New Techniques and Devices Group to secure the approval of the Stryker XprESS balloon dilation system for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

This technology is part of NHS England’s MedTech Funding Mandate, a scheme that advances the use of innovations across the NHS, with the aim of improving patient outcomes.

Lynn Power, Head of Operations - Head and Neck (Maxillofacial Unit & ENT) said: “Performing balloon dilation surgeries has many benefits for patients, providing a convenient and safe alternative to surgery.

“This treatment option offers possible cost-saving benefits for the Trust as well as improved outcomes for the patient.”

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This project was supported by the Innovation Team at LUHFT who enable our staff to implant new products and services in their areas.