Last week, the team from St Paul’s Clinical Eye Research Centre (CERC) based at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, held an event to talk to staff, patients and public about the new Liverpool Eye Data Platform.

The St Paul’s Eye Centre sees over 30% of the Trust’s outpatient appointments and is a specialist centre for all those with eye related injuries or illnesses.

The centre is home to ground-breaking research and is now developing a data platform that will allow researcher to access eye records from care providers across Liverpool, enabling the team to continue to deliver important research.

Dr Hannah Levis, Reader in Ophthalmic Bioengineering at the University of Liverpool (UoL), spoke about the Liverpool Research Eye Bank (LREB), a partnership with the University of Liverpool that maximises the number of donor eyes to enable transplant research.

In addition, Dr Rachel Williams, Professor of Ophthalmic Bioengineering at UoL, spoke about some of the incredible advancements in transplant technology.

One project currently underway looks at the use of transplant cells which can be placed on a contact lens to aid patient recovery after surgery.

The huge advancements in ophthalmic research couldn’t happen without the research happening within the CERC, with the new Liverpool Eye Data Platform enabling more people in Liverpool access to this research. 

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Pictured (L-R): Dr Phil Burgess, Clinical Senior Lecturer at the UoL and Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist at LUHFT; Rachel Williams, Professor of Ophthalmic Bioengineering at UoL, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Eye and Vision Science UoL, Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist at LUHFT; Dr Hannah Levis, Reader in Ophthalmic Bioengineering UoL

To find out more about the Liverpool Eye Data Platform or the Liverpool Research Eye Biobank, click the link