“There is a lot of cross over with the roles I have done, the only difference is the uniform.”

A research nurse in the Emergency Department (ED) at LUHFT, Jess, has had an exciting hybrid career, working in both NHS Emergency medicine and as part of The British Army Reserves serving on a United Nations (UN) tour.

As part of our international nurse’s day celebrations, we’re sharing Jess’ story and career at LUHFT, and how research nurses like Jess are dedicating their lives to the profession.

On her very first week as a student nurse at Aintree University Hospital, Jess, 30, met her inspirational mentor who suggested she join the British Army Reservist. Jess took herself that week to the 208 Field Hospital based in Liverpool to sign up and never looked back.

“I think at first, I was just eager to impress my mentor, but that small decision changed the entire course of my career forever. I completed my phase 1 training alongside my Nursing degree from John Moore’s University at ATR Grantham in Lincolnshire.”

“The Reserves gave me so much experience working alongside emergency medicine, critical care and major trauma professionals which then transferred over into my role at LUHFT.”


Jess hindley 1.jpeg


Jess served as a British Army Reservist for 8 years and completed a tour during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Cyprus, serving alongside full-time Army staff on the frontline. Not only did Jess fulfil the role of a primary health care nurse, she also took on the role as a section commander, working her way up to the position of Sergeant.

“I loved working on the frontline during the Pandemic and I felt I was making a difference by helping keep service personnel and their families safe during a really difficult time. Days would include nursing responsibilities as well as patrols, so no two days were the same.”


Now working in a new hybrid role, Jess’ time is split between ED clinical duties and the LEDRUS Research team, delivering research opportunities to patients within ED, the NHS frontline.

“Joining the research team at LUHFT has given me the opportunity to learn about the advancement of healthcare. Bringing research to my home city is something I am passionate about and being able to bring all the skills I have gathered throughout my nursing career so far means the world to me.”

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