To celebrate Estates and Facilities Day we’ve been speaking to colleagues around LUHFT to find out about their roles in our hospitals.

Lina Sawicka landscape.JPG

After joining six years ago, Lina Sawicka, a Porter at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, is committed to supporting patients to feel reassured and making a difference to their experience while in our hospitals.

“I work in the Radiology Department, so my role is to transfer patients safely to their scans, procedures and to theatre. Patients can often be nervous or anxious about their scans, going in an MRI machine or the results they might get,” said Lina, who originally joined on the Staff Bank until being taken on permanently.

“Patients need to know they are in a safe and secure environment and sometimes my role is to keep them occupied, it’s good to keep their spirits up and make them smile and let them know that they’re in safe hands.”

Our porters work closely with other colleagues in the Radiology Department so they can plan ahead and avoid any delays for patients when they’re being taken to their x-rays and CT scans.

“I really enjoy my role and think we can make a difference to the patient’s experience while in our hospitals, even just small things, such as getting a patient a blanket, can make the time they spend in hospital a bit easier.

“As a porter you get to learn so much about the running of hospital services, learning skills and knowledge from what you’re observing in different areas from other colleagues and the patient experience. Plus, I’ve completed training as Domestic Abuse Workplace Champion, so I’m trained to help and listen to colleagues who need support and someone to talk to regarding their own or someone else’s safety.

“I was also privileged to meet the Prince and Princess of Wales when they officially opened the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital building in 2023, which was an amazing experience!”

As a mum-of-one, Lina says being able to work shifts allows her to have a good work-life balance, she added: “I’m committed to my role and developing within a healthcare setting, this is really where I see my future, it’s where I want to work, and I love working with patients and colleagues within the hospital.”