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Our vision

Our Future Together is our three-year strategy that sets out where we want to be, how we will get there and the role that each of us needs to play to achieve our shared vision.

Our vision is shared by our partners: we work together to support our communities to live healthier, happier, fairer lives. 

It draws upon our shared foundations of passion and pride in our roles, a desire to provide great care, community spirit and teamwork, and a willingness to speak up for what we believe in. These qualities are unique to LUHFT and unify us in all we do.

Our mission is clear: by working together we will deliver outstanding healthcare.

We will achieve our mission by delivering the three-year plans outlined against our four strategic priorities: great care, great people, great research & innovation and great ambitions.

We will need to work together, within the Trust, with our partners and with the communities we serve to deliver our strategy.  To succeed, we will need to listen and to do things differently, living the values that form the LUHFT culture of being caring, fair and innovative.

This web page includes more information and resources that help explain Our Future Together.

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Corporate Strategy

Please see below a copy of our Corporate Strategy, outlining Our Future Together.