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How did we develop our strategy?

Since the formation of Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust, we have been working with and listening to our patients, public, staff and partners to shape what our new organisation stands for, what we want to achieve and the role that we need to play, as part of the health and care systems within our region, in order to make a real difference to the lives of people within the communities that we serve.

The overwhelming response from everyone that took part in our ‘Big Conversation’ was that togetherness is central to what we do and represent.

Our journey together began when our clinical leadership identified that by merging we could better serve our local population - a population with poor indicators of health and wellbeing, and the second lowest life expectancy of English core cities. They made the case that by coming together through merger we could make better use of human and psychical resources to achieve better health outcomes, reducing the variation in service and inequalities experienced by the North Mersey population. Already, we are witnessing the key benefits of service integration and joint working.

Our Future Together is our three-year strategy and sets the direction for how we continue to work together to tackle the healthcare challenges of our local population and achieve our vision of building healthier, happier, fairer lives.

Our strategy has been informed by and aligns with the One Liverpool Strategy 2019-2024, which has the vision ‘Healthier, Happier, Fairer Liverpool for all’. In uniting our vision we commit as an organisation, within a broader healthcare system, to work together to tackle health inequalities and respond to what matters most to people in terms of improving their health and wellbeing across all stages of life – starting well, living well and ageing well. This simple vision statement clearly communicates that our strategies look beyond service improvement to harness the influence of the whole health and care system to improve population health and equity for everyone.

We believe that our strategy it is ambitious, yet realistic, enabling us to build upon what we are already doing well across each of our four sites and within our community settings.

Our Future Together focuses on four strategic priorities – great care, great people, great research and innovation, and great ambitions. By realising these priorities, we believe that we can deliver outstanding healthcare for our patients.

It is only by living our values, to be caring, fair and innovative, that we will be able to achieve all that we have set out to do. Striving to make things better for our patients is already deep-rooted in our DNA, so our focus on continuous improvement will ensure that we are always  learning and consciously thinking about what we can do better.