Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at Liverpool University Hospitals

The Clinical Research Facility (CRF) opened in 2009, providing a purpose-built facility which conducts high quality research in a variety of disease areas.

As the first NHS site in England and Wales to be awarded and to fully maintain MHRA Phase 1 Accreditation, the CRF offers a safe and regulated environment to perform clinical research trials to the highest possible standards.

The CRF conducts clinical trials in a wide variety of all clinical specialities and includes opportunities for both patients and healthy volunteers and works closely with other local and specialist hospitals to provide more opportunities for our local population. Visit the CRF website for more information.

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Interested in taking part in research?

Volunteers who have taken part in clinical trials and other research studies with us have various reasons for participating. In our experience, both healthy volunteers and those living with medical conditions are keen to help advance medications and treatment for future generations and many enjoy the perks of being closely monitored throughout the duration of the study. Learn how to get involved.