The clinical pharmacology research team conduct studies to better understand, predict and prevent adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The evidence suggests there is huge variability in response to medicines. Some people will have no benefit whatsoever (90% of medicines may only work on 30-50% of people), while others may experience a serious reaction.

Our genetic information, amongst other factors, can affect response. Professor Sir Pirmohamed and a team of researchers at LUHFT and the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine at the University of Liverpool are leading the way to deliver a more personalised approach to the prescription of medicines. Ultimately, the aim is to improve drug safety and effectiveness and improve treatment outcomes for patients.

How to get involved

Many patients are recruited to our studies from NHS trusts nationally, with LUHFT being our lead recruiting site. The pharmacology research nurse team work across departments and hospital sites, collaborating with researchers and clinical teams to facilitate, identify and recruit patients who have experienced a suspected ADR.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the studies conducted in the department, please contact the clinical pharmacology team on: 0151 706 3405 / 0151 795 5403.