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You can find the expected benefits of our hospitals coming together on this page.

Expected benefits


What are the expected benefits?

We have listened to and acted upon what local people have to say at each step of our journey to improving care.

This has been through ongoing discussions over the last three years, either as part of the Healthy Liverpool Programme, One Liverpool and the Shaping Sefton plans, or insights gathered from local communities and feedback from patients regarding their experiences of care.

People have told us they recognise the challenges facing our services and the differences in how we provide care. They also told us they want to be offered the same, high standard of treatment regardless of where treatment takes place, and they want to be seen by the right staff who are experts in the treatment and management of their condition.

The concept of single teams working across the city for the benefit of all patients was well received, as was our approach to separating unplanned and planned care, where possible, to better manage demand. We were asked to improve psychological support to patients and consider their mental health, not just physical health.

This feedback has helped shape how we are approaching bringing teams together and the improvements which we will aim to make.


Why did we come together to get these benefits?

The closer the partnership, the fewer barriers we will have in creating single services across the city. We were already working together in some areas prior to our merger and could see further areas for development.

Being one organisation is key to delivering the benefits we have identified, as neither hospital can deliver the full range of benefits alone. This is because the clinical expertise and resource to deliver the benefits can only be achieved through collaboration or changing how services operate.

In reality this could only have been achieved by coming together as it will remove the individual organisational barriers.


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