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Studying with us

Honorary Contracts or Observer and Medical Elective letter of access

There are a number of people who wish to work, train and carry out research in the organisation. In order to carry out these activities within the organisation, they need to have an honorary contract or letter of access.

An honorary contract or letter of access is for an individual who is not employed by the Trust but will be working here in some capacity. They may or may not be seeing patients and they may or may not have access to systems. 

Examples of honorary contracts include: 

  • Staff working on research 
  • An individual carrying out or assisting with a procedure 
  • An individual who’s job role is across Trusts where on Trust re-charges another 
  • A project team 
  • A service carried out on Trust premises but managed by another Trust where these is no SLA in place. 

Observers and Medical Elective are for Observation purposes ONLY, they must NOT carry out clinical duties or have direct patient contact. 

Processing an honorary contract or observer & medical elective letter of access. 

A supervising manager employed by the Trust, must complete a sharepoint link to submit a honorary contract or observer & medical elective request form.

Please be aware there is a minimum of 8 weeks notice to enable recruitment to complete employment checks.

Student electives

Please note: due to current restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust is restricted with current electives. The below information is the standard process but may not be in place currently. 

Elective attachment process

Overseas students e-mail the undergraduate team to request an elective placement.

Respond to the students requesting the following:

  • Short CV
  • Letter of recommendation from their University
  • Dates of speciality and speciality they would like a placement in
  • If accommodation is required during their stay
  • A declaration of fitness form health questionnaire which lists the immunisations that the students must comply with, they must complete this document and bring with them on their first day of placement along with documentary evidence to support this. All documents must be in English. We advise the student that the maximum time for an elective placement is four weeks only and can only take place in the summer months when Aintree students are not on-site.
  • If they are a University of Liverpool student, they do not have to complete a fitness form as they will be up to date with all immunisations.