What is a Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)?

A SIRO is the Senior Information Risk Owner in the organisation. The role supports implementation of international / government standard for information management and security.

SIRO responsibilities:

  • Ultimately accountable for assurance of information security at the organisation
  • Champions information security at Board level
  • Owns corporate policy on information security
  • Provides an annual statement of the security of information assets for the Annual Governance Statement (as part of the audit process).

The Trust’s SIRO is Rob Forster, Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive.

Tel: 0151 529 3132

Email: robert.forster@liverpoolft.nhs.uk

Who or what is the Caldicott Guardian?

Caldicott guardians are appointed to develop and maintain responsible, appropriate and secure practices for sharing and handling of personal health information, in accordance with the six principles developed in the caldicott report.

Caldicott Guardian responsibilities:

  • Actively support work to facilitate and enable information sharing, and advise on options for lawful and ethical processing of information as required
  • Represent Information Governance requirements and issues at Board level
  • Support development of processes, including performance frameworks, that satisfy the highest practical standards for handling person-identifiable information and acts as the “the conscience” of the organisation.

The Trust’s Caldicott Guardian is David White, Deputy Medical Director and Chief Clinical Informatics Officer.

Tel: 0151 529 3915

Email: david.white@liverpoolft.nhs.uk