Attention! Doctor named Captain by Royal Military

Dr Josh Callon, a Foundation Year 2 doctor, has recently been commissioned as a Captain by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Based at Aintree University Hospital, Josh successfully passed his training on the 24 October 2020 during the Commissioning Parade for the Royal Army Medical Corps.

“I was in the Cadets as a child but I didn’t come from a military family. It was when I was in my final year of medical school that I put in an application for the 208 Field Hospital Liverpool,” said Josh.

In 2019 he passed the selection board and joined the reserves as a medical officer. Josh was formally attested into the military then worked his way up to Sandhurst’s Royal Military Academy.

Josh said: “I had to go through two sets of intense training at Sandhurst this year, which included everything you need to become an officer and soldier, such as decision making, weapons training and discipline. It’s the best place to learn how to perform well under pressure.

“People often ask why I do it, but my main interest has always been in Critical Care and Trauma and the Army gives me the opportunity to practice in challenging environments and deploy to other countries, supporting patients abroad.

“These skills became particularly useful while I was working under pressure during COVID from April to August. Things were changing rapidly, there were new strategies being created at a quick pace and we had to adapt fast - it was incredibly dynamic. Colleagues, nurses, maintenance, everyone was under pressure and the additional training I’d had really helped with resilience.

“The Trust is also really supportive to any staff who are part of the reserves, it has signed the Armed Forces Covenant which means they’re a military friendly employer.”