Cardiology Team at Aintree host a Healthy Heart Day

Aintree University Hospital’s Cardiology department has continued its innovative work to help improve care for patients with heart failure.

The team recently invited social care colleagues, patients and their loved ones to a Healthy Heart Day event, which was set up to that those in attendance could share their experiences and help shape the treatment they and other patients receive in future.

This event, which is the first of its kind in the region, comes off the back of Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Rajiv Sankaranarayanan, winning a national award earlier this year for creating a pioneering heart failure app.

Salimah Hassan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner for Cardiology, said: “This event was a great opportunity for us as clinicians to learn from our patients about what they like and what can be improved. They left the event with tips and tools to help them monitor risks, administer their medication and identify symptoms more readily. It is easy for us to provide what they require clinically on a ward, but much more difficult to do so once patients are discharged. That’s why we intend to host more events like this in the New Year, to ensure our patients are receiving the best service possible.”