Hugs on the horizon for Ethel

Ethel Jean Murdoch, from West Derby, who turned 95 last month can’t wait to give her new great great grandson, James, a huge hug.

James was born during lockdown at the end of August. She received her COVID-19 vaccination at Liverpool’s Aintree University Hospital today.

Ethel, married to Malcolm, also 95, although four months her senior, said: “The hardest thing has been not being able to give my family members a big hug. James, my great great grandson was born five weeks early, on the 30 August, and I haven’t been able to give him a big hug – it’s been really difficult not being able to meet him properly due to the difficult times we are currently in.”

Ethel has three grandchildren and four great great grandchildren and supports Everton FC!

Ethel has two sons, Ian, 60, and Robert, 65, who she described both as ‘wonderful’.