Outstanding dental nurses

Congratulations to the Liverpool University Dental Hospital Nursing team who have been awarded the ‘Outstanding Team During COVID-19’ by the Society of British Dental Nurses.

The award recognises the contributions of the Dental Nurses that were redeployed over to the new Royal University Hospital working in the Agnes Jones Unit. The Dental Nurses received training so that they could work in the step-down unit as Healthcare Assistants (HCA), helping with the direct care of patients on the ward.

This required them to learn new skills and to step outside their usual duties as Dental Nurses. Often patients on the ward were elderly and some of the team also supported the patients during end of life care.

Lisa Marginier, Head of Operations at the Liverpool University Dental Hospital, said: “We are very proud of our Dental Nurses for the compassion and care they gave to these patients in the Agnes Jones Unit at a very challenging time.

"Being redeployed into a completely new role and area of care is daunting but our dental nurses took it in their stride, and we thank them for the professionalism and support they provided to their colleagues and our patients during the pandemic – and this award is very much a recognition of this.”