Reablement Assessment Hub opens at Broadgreen Hospital

On 17 October 2022 we opened the nurse and therapy-led Reablement Assessment Hub at Broadgreen Hospital.

The hub provides 23 beds for patients who require ongoing assessment and intervention for discharge back home or to their usual place of residence.

The hub has been designed to reduce both the length of time patients stay in hospital and the level of ongoing support they require when they get home.

Patients in the hub are encouraged to be dressed and engaged in activity during the day and the nurse and therapy-led team continues the patients’ rehabilitation, reablement and discharge planning.

This approach supports improvement in the quality of life for our patients and also supports the community care system by reducing the number of patients who, for example, require residential care.

Pictured above are members of the multi-disciplinary team which runs the Reablement Assessment Hub at Broadgreen Hospital.