X Factor star returns to thank teams at Aintree Hospital

X Factor star Christopher Maloney returned to Aintree last week to thank the teams he credits with saving his life after he fell ill over Christmas.

He was diagnosed with campylobacter food poisoning, dehydration and exhaustion after a series of tests, including a x-rays, CT scan and colonoscopy, and spent 12 days in hospital. Christopher has been left with colitis of the large intestine, a chronic condition that causes inflammation and will require monitoring for the foreseeable future and a change in diet and lifestyle. 

He said: “I cannot fault the team at Aintree, everyone from the doctors and nurses to the domestics and healthcare assistants, they were brilliant. And I must say the food was great, they really took care of me and I’ll be forever grateful to them. I’ve got a meeting with a dietician to understand what I can and can’t eat. I’ve been told not to expect miracles. It could take up to a year to get completely back to normal but I’m really optimistic and I know I’m in safe hands with the team at Aintree.”

Jane Williams, Matron for Gastroenterology, said: “It’s always nice to hear positive comments from our patients. Chris was really poorly when he was last here so it was great to see him smiling and full of energy and shows that it’s a job well done by all the staff involved in his care at Aintree.”