The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is the largest hospital in the country to provide inpatients with 100% single en-suite bedrooms, improving patient experience, safety and enhanced recovery. 

The Royal, which opened in October 2022 following construction of a new building adjacent to its former location, mainly focuses on complex planned care and specialist services. These include nephrology, renal transplantation, nuclear medicine, haematology, lithotripsy, dermatology and urology.

Located in the city centre, the hospital is a national centre for ocular oncology (eye cancer) and a regional centre for pancreatic, urological, ocular, testicular, anal, and oesophago-gastric cancers, specialist palliative care, specialist radiology and specialist pathology and chemotherapy services. It is also home to one of five High Consequences Infectious Disease (HCID) units in England and is NHS England’s lead HCID site. 

Liverpool University Dental Hospital is co-located with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It supports dental teaching, provides emergency care and a range of specialist dental services including restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and medicine and a consultant-led Dental Sedation Unit.

Each year we provide a large number of placements for student doctors, dentists, nurses and allied health professionals who benefit from the expertise and experience of some of the most skilled clinicians in the country.