At LUHFT, we recognise and value the huge importance of unpaid carers and want to support you when your relative or the “cared for” person is admitted into our hospitals.

The carer passport is a way of identifying you as carer with an essential role in providing key information and involvement in caring for a patient while they are in our care.

The carer passport enables an important conversation to take place between yourself and the ward staff to explore how you may wish to continue providing assistance such as helping at mealtimes or with personal care. Please note, that there is never an obligation to do this as we understand that for some carers a hospital admission may provide some time to take a breath and recharge your batteries. However, for some people want to continue to have this involvement and assisting the staff in providing care.

Importantly, identifying carers in this way, means that where appropriate the carer can be involved in discussions about the patient/cared for person’s treatment and discharge plans, providing valuable information to the hospital team.

The carer passport has been developed with 13 Trusts across the Region, Carer organisations, carers and patients.

Speak to the ward manager where your relative is cared for to discuss how the passport can support you.

If you have used the carer passport we would your feedback and want to offer a service that provides a positive experience for patients & their families. Our focus is improving the delivery of patient and family centred care.

Please take a couple of minutes to tell us your thoughts of using the Trust carer passport.