Get to know our different staff uniforms and what they mean

Your medical care will be managed by an expert team led by a consultant. You will see your consultant and other members of the medical team throughout your admission.

The team caring for you during your stay may be made up of Nursing staff, Medical staff, Pharmacists, Therapists, Radiographers, Dietitians, Ward Clerks plus many more.

You may meet some or all during your stay, but if you are not sure who somebody is please ask.

All staff wear identification badges which should be clearly displayed.


Both Aintree and the Royal Liverpool are university hospitals and as such, there are a variety of students that learn on these sites. 

Medical students regularly attend ward rounds with the consultants in charge and medical teams as part of their training.

You will be informed if a student is present during any assessment or review. If you do not wish students to be present, please tell a member of the nursing team. Please be assured that this will not affect your treatment.

Our uniforms

The below image slider allows you to familiarise yourself with the different coloured uniforms you will see around our hospitals. There is also a text description of all our uniforms below the image slider.

  • Bed Site Team Manager - navy with peacock trim
  • Bed Site Team Co-ordinator - peacock with white trim
  • Matron - navy with red trim
  • Ward Manager - navy with white trim
  • Deputy Ward / Unit Manager or Team Leader - navy with royal trim
  • Staff Nurse - royal with white trim
  • Very senior nurses e.g. Chief Nurse - black with white double trim
  • Band 8D Senior Nurse - navy with gold double trim
  • Band 8C Senior Nurse - navy with gold trim
  • Band 8B Senior Nurse - navy with red double trim
  • Band 7 Clinical Nurse Specialist - smokeberry with royal trim
  • Band 6 Clinical Nurse Specialist - smokeberry with white trim
  • AHP Consultant - turquoise with black double trim
  • AHP Advanced Clinical Practitioner - turquoise with red double trim
  • Band 8B Lead Nurse - smokeberry with navy trim
  • Band 8A Advanced Nurse Practitioner - smokeberry with royal double trim
  • Nurse Consultant - smokeberry with black double trim
  • Practice Educator - nimbus grey with purple trim
  • Band 7 Advanced Nurse Practitioner - smokeberry with red trim
  • Nursing Associate - royal with royal trim
  • Assistant Practitioner / Medical Support Worker - hospital blue with white trim
  • HCA / Clinical Support Worker - sky blue with navy trim
  • HCA - sky blue with white trim
  • Phlebotomist - sky blue and white stripe with white trim
  • Housekeeper - aqua and white stripe with white trim
  • Pharmacy Assistant - bottle green with with trim
  • Pharmacy Technician - bottle green with jade trim
  • Pharmacist - bottle green with navy trim
  • Dietitian - white with purple trim
  • Occupational Therapist - white with bottle green trim
  • Physiotherapist - white with navy trim
  • Radiographer - white with smokeberry trim
  • Speech and Language Therapist - white with red trim
  • Podiatrist - white with scan red trim
  • AHP Support Staff - white with pale grey trim / grey trim / nimbus grey trim
  • Healthcare Scientist - red with white trim / navy trim
  • Dental Nurse Manager - navy with royal trim
  • Senior Dental Nurse - royal with white trim.