The Audiology Department at Broadgreen provide a wide range of audiology services at both our main department and at South Liverpool Treatment Centre, Garston.

Services provided include:

  • Direct referral (from your GP) Hearing assessment
  • Hearing aid fitting and repairs, and auditory rehabilitation 
  • Tinnitus counselling and management
  • Vestibular testing and rehabilitation
  • Specialist Hearing Assessment Clinic (SARA)
  • Fitting of specialist devices such as CROS/Bi-CROS devices and sound generators
  • Referral to Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) and Cochlear Implant services
  • Ototoxicity monitoring
  • Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) testing
  • ENT clinical support
  • Domiciliary Visits

Our hearing aid services can be accessed through referral from your GP. The specialist clinics usually require referral from the ENT department.

More information

  • For patients who are new to the service, please see your GP for an onwards referral to Audiology Department at Broadgreen. 
  • For patients who currently use devices fitted by the Audiology Team at Broadgreen, please contact the department directly using the contact information listed.

Alexandra Wing, Broadgreen Hospital - Thomas Drive, Liverpool, L14 3LB

South Liverpool Treatment Centre - Church Road, Garston, L19 2LW

Tinnitus Support Group

The Audiology Department at Aintree runs a monthly Tinnitus Support Group.

The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except January and August) and is open to patients and their loved ones. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the Tinnitus Support Group – you do not need to be a patient of Aintree to attend.

The Aintree Tinnitus Support Group is registered and has been rated as a ‘Gold standard’ support group by Tinnitus UK.

For further details, you can call Audiology on 0151 529 0328 or email

Assistive listening devices

People with a hearing loss can find that they still struggle to hear in certain situations despite wearing hearing aids. There are many organisations that can provide devices and support to help you with these problems regardless of your level of hearing loss.

Your local social services may be able help provide assistive listening devices or help towards the cost of it. Contact details can be found below:

Liverpool Environmental Aids Department

Merseyside Society for Deaf People
Queens Drive Retail Park, West Derby
Liverpool, L13 0DJ

Sefton Sensory Impairment Team

Merton house
7th floor, Stanley Road
Bootle, L20 3UU
Telephone: 0151 934 4909.

Knowsley Access Team

7th floor, Municipal Buildings
Archway Road
Huyton, L36 6YU
Telephone: 0151 443 2600
Web Form: Visit the Knowsley Council website

Access to Work

The Access to Work Programme is intended to help disabled people obtain employment, keep existing employment, or become self employed by meeting part, or all of the costs of the additional support that some disabled people require to continue in work.

The types of devices you may need in work include:

  • Loop systems
  • Text phones
  • FM systems

For help with communication aids in work you can speak to your line manager. Contact Access to Work via your local Job Centre Plus or go online.

Other useful links:

Tinnitus UK

We provide batteries for NHS hearing aids and sound generators that we have provided.
If you require a fresh supply, please either:
Phone: 0151 706 2533
Text: 07826 873856

When requesting new batteries, please provide your name and Date of Birth (DOB) and we will post the batteries out to you. If the request was for batteries only, we will not ring you back but we will post them out.

Repair Service

Repair sessions are held within the Department by appointment only. Repairs can include: servicing hearing aids, retubing ear moulds, replacing thin tubes and domes, ear mould modifications and minor adjustments to sound.

We are unable to see patients on a drop-in basis, for urgent repairs we advise you to use our repair box service.

The department charges an administration fee of £75 for lost hearing aids. In the unfortunate event that you do lose your hearing aid, please contact us and we will explain the next steps.

Swim plugs

Swim moulds can be made at the department for a charge of £30 per ear.

If you are currently under the care of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) because you have had mastoid operation, it may be possible to obtain swim plugs free of charge with a referral letter from one of the ENT Doctors.