A DEXA scanner uses x-rays to assess the bone mass of a patient. They are used to diagnose or assess a patient’s risk of osteoporosis (a condition that weakens bones and makes them more likely to break) osteopaenia or a normal level of bone density.

At The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, The DEXA (Bone Density) unit is in the Nuclear Medicine Department and at Aintree University Hospital DEXA is based in the Radiology Department.

The scanner will capture the measurements of the hip and the lower spine whilst a patient is laying on the scanner bed.

The scans are performed by a nuclear medicine radiographer and reported by nuclear medicine radiographers and physicians.

If you think you may require any of these investigations please talk to your GP or hospital specialist.

More information

Patients requiring Bone Densitometry services will be referred by a healthcare professional.

Patients will be contacted by the department to arrange their appointment in a timely and flexible manner.