LiMBS provides a high-quality patient centred service for those with a suspected or working diagnosis of metastatic bone tumours.

The LiMBS Multidisciplinary team (MDT) is committed to delivering an efficient and safe diagnostic treatment pathway, tailored to the individual patients’ needs. We achieve this by:

  • High quality MDT decision-making by experts in their field
  • Standardising information given to patient / carers by all team members
  • Clear defined roles and responsibilities
  • Collection of high quality data for the purpose of clinical audit
  • Involvement in current research studies and trials
  • Implementation of new research outcomes and best practice to enhance patient care
  • Analysing data to improve service delivery.

The main goals of surgical treatment in bone metastases are to alleviate the pain, prevent an imminent fracture, treat pathological fracture, restore patient’s function and improve their quality of life.

Patients with metastatic tumours are living longer due to advancements in oncological diagnostics and medical treatments.

More information

Allocation of your initial clinic appointment is usually within one to two weeks, depending on clinical urgency.