Living with a diagnosis of eye cancer (ocular melanoma) can be challenging and people sometimes need extra help them cope with these challenges.  The health psychology service at Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre helps people who are experiencing psychological distress and to support them cope and adjust to the changes in their life. Our health psychologist, Laura Hope-Stone will visit you on the ward following surgery or contact you by telephone.

Here are some examples of psychological distress which people might wish to speak to a health psychologist about:

  • Worry about loss of vision
  • Help with decision making about treatment and prognostication
  • Fear of cancer recurrence
  • Persistent distress e.g anxiety and depression
  • Living with uncertainty
  • Appearance concerns
  •  Impact on everyday life – family, work  and social roles
  • Returning to work.

More information

All adult patients with an eye cancer diagnosis are offered psychological support from our health psychologist Laura Hope-Stone.

Laura accepts referrals from patients, HCPs, GPs and colleagues for any patient under the care of Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre.

  • OcuMel the main UK charity for people diagnosed with ocular melanoma and their families.