Emergency General Surgery (EGS) treats patients who attend our Emergency Department with abdominal pain, such as a hernia, pancreatitis and appendicitis.

EGS also supports colleagues in Major Trauma to care for patients who have suffered injuries, such as stab wounds or injuries sustained in road traffic collisions. 

Patients who attend our Emergency Department are assessed by a member of the surgical team and will be directed to our specialised Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) if appropriate.

Upon arrival to SAU, patients will have a number of tests completed, including bloods and scans. Some patients may also require an endoscopy procedure. Some tests will be performed on the day, and a diagnosis and plan will be discussed. However, some patients may require tests later, as an outpatient.

Following these tests, some patients who do not need regular assessment may be sent home the same day to wait for their results.

Some patients may be unable to eat or drink on the unit as they may require surgery in theatre. This allows for faster treatment and avoids complications whilst under general anaesthetic, such as vomiting.

EGS aims to send patients home the same day of their surgery, however there may be a need for a hospital stay in some cases.

EGS also provides an elective pathway with your GP referral. Patient referrals are first assessed by the consultant team, and directed to an appropriate pathway, e.g., urgent or routine. Patients will be seen in our outpatient area in the Elective Care Centre, Clinic 7, and a clear treatment plan will be discussed.

More information

Patients can be referred to Emergency General Surgery via their GP or following attendance to our Emergency Department.

The service is located at the Surgical Assessment Unit, Ground Floor of Aintree Hospital.  The opening times are 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday.


Clinic 7, First Floor, Elective Care Centre.  The opening times are 1.30pm-5pm, Wednesday and Thursday.