Emergency General Surgery is a service provided by a multitude of specialist general surgeons, treating patients who attend our Emergency Department with abdominal pains or swelling, such as a blockage in the bowel, hernias, appendicitis, and gallstones. 

Patients who attend our Emergency Department are assessed by a member of the surgical team, which consists of consultants, specialist trainee and advanced nurse practitioners. We will direct patients to our specialised Emergency Surgical Assessment Unit (ESAU), or if possible, onto an ambulatory care pathway consisting of urgent investigations and results clinics. These include ultrasounds, cross-sectional imaging and endoscopy procedures. We aim to have patients diagnosed as quick as possible, and to have definitive treatment as an emergency or urgent elective procedure.

Some patients may be unable to eat or drink on ESAU, as they may require surgery. This allows for faster treatment and avoids complications whilst under any general anaesthetic, such as vomiting. 

ESAU is a highly specialist centre, bringing in complex diseases from across the region. These complex cases have developed investigations and treatments for all patients.

More information

Patients can be referred to Emergency General Surgery via their GP or following attendance to our Emergency Department.

We are located in Ward 6B, on the sixth floor.