We care for patients with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - conditions that involve inflammation of gastrointestinal tract (pathway by which food enters the body and solid wastes are expelled).

Inflammatory bowel disease is generally used to describe two conditions: ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

Our IBD service is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced health professionals, who work together and with you to ensure you get the care you need. 

Our team includes: four gastroenterology consultants, two colorectal surgical consultants, four specialist nurses, a pharmacist, dietitian and psychologist. 

We are supported by a dedicated administration team, the Medical Day Case Unit, Endoscopy Unit, homecare teams and our two gastroenterology wards. 

The majority of patients we care for are in an outpatient capacity, but we also provide inpatient care.


We support and provide care to IBD patients through a range of outpatient clinics. These include:

  • Two medical IBD clinics weekly and three nurse led clinics, including Flare slots for patients who need urgent medical review to avoid hospital admission.
  • Nurse/Pharmacist-led clinics, for additional education, information and support regarding conditions.
  • Drug/blood monitoring clinics for biologic and innovative drugs run by our IBD Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and specialist pharmacist, to monitor patients on biologic drugs or new specialist drugs.

We also run monthly parallel clinics with the Colorectal Consultants, who specialise in surgery of the bowel.  

Patients with IBD sometimes require surgery and these clinics enable us to ensure patients receive a clear understanding of surgical options that may be available and provide information, support and guidance to patients.  

By running clinics in parallel, routine and urgent reviews can be provided to patients by both teams.


We are based on Wards 10 and 11. Both are 26-bedded wards, with ten side rooms on each. 

These wards are looked after by a ward manager and our team of consultants care for IBD patients supported by a team of registrars and junior doctors.

More information

Patients can be referred to the IBD service via: 

  • Primary care (GPs)
  • Following a hospital admission
  • From other specialist doctors within the hospital
  • From the endoscopy unit.


Ward 10 and 11


Most outpatient clinics take place in Clinic 8 in the Elective Care Centre. 

However, phone and video appointments are also available. 

Please check the type of appointment and clinic address on your appointment letter before attending your appointment.

In addition, virtual case reviews are performed by the medical, nursing and pharmacy team.

These do not require you to be present but allow the team to review blood results and investigation results. Following these reviews, you may receive a letter updating you on results or asking you to attend for additional tests. 

  • Crohns and Colitis UK: CCUK has support on wellbeing, disability benefits, PIP and other matters that not everyone is aware of. Our patient panel have highlighted this and report that the additional support they offer on the site is hugely beneficial.
  • IBD Passport: Information about travelling with IBD for patients.
  • Radar Key: IBD patients are eligible for radar keys which allow access to a range of public toilets.
  • Colostomy UK: Information and support for stoma patients, with a helpline and email for additional support if needed.
  • IA Support: Information and support for pouch and stoma patients.
  • For Crohns: Charity for dedicated to Crohn’s disease with additional information and support for Crohn's patients.
  • Guts UK: Range of information about Gastrointestinal conditions.