Our Gastroenterology department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital cares for patients who have problems with their stomach, intestines, liver, and pancreas.

Our specialist teams care for both inpatients and outpatients. This can include emergency care, surgery, screening and the ongoing management and treatment for long-term conditions.

We have a range of Gastroenterology services at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. You can find out more about our services, the types of care provided, contact details and referral information by clicking on each of the dedicated pages below.

Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of our communities by promoting healthier, happier, and more equitable lives. We are dedicated to providing impactful support and services while cultivating an inclusive environment. 

Prioritising equality, diversity, and inclusion is crucial as they influence our patients, colleagues, volunteers, and the communities we serve. Embracing a diverse workforce enables us to address the needs of the communities we support.

We aim to establish a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for patients, partners, and caregivers. We provide a safe space for LGBTQI+ individuals. Furthermore, our commitment extends to delivering exceptional care for individuals with various needs such as dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism. We also provide a wide range of interpreter services including BSL for our patients. 

Our focus is on ensuring equal access to patient-centred healthcare, delivered by a skilled workforce in line with our Trust values. By understanding the needs of our patients, we can tailor our services to benefit them, their families, carers, our staff, and the local community. Your feedback to help us improve in these areas is welcomed and will always be acted on where it can shown to improve patient care.