The Complex Polyp Service manages patients who have a polyp or multiple polyps seen on a colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy or CT scan that require a higher level of endoscopy skill to remove the lesion.

The term complex polyp refers to a colon or rectal polyp that can be more challenging to remove than most polyps typically encountered on colonoscopy. Features of a complex polyp include:

  • Large size (greater than two centimetres)
  • Difficult-to-reach location
  • Very flat shape.

The team is comprised of consultant gastroenterologists, consultant surgeons, nursing staff and administrators.

More information

Patients are usually referred from their local hospital with any of the below findings on endoscopy:

  • SMSA Score >9
  • Lesion at the Appendiceal orifice (regardless of SMSA score)
  • Lesion at the ICV (regardless of SMSA score)
  • Recurrent polyps (regardless of SMSA score)
  • Polyps at high risk of cancer (regardless of SMSA score)
  • Disrupted pit pattern (pit pattern v)
  • Histology with on biopsy HGD
  • LST-NG or LST-G with nodules.