Viral Hepatitis B is a blood borne virus often picked up in childhood. It is often asymptomatic (shows no symptoms), and patients may not know they have viral hepatitis until they are specifically tested.

At high levels, the virus can cause changes within the liver, which can lead to chronic liver disease and sometimes liver cancer. 

At the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, our Hepatitis B service monitors patients with chronic viral Hepatitis B, or who are at risk of developing acute Hepatitis B, ensuring virus levels remain low and the liver remains stable. 

Treatment for chronic Hepatitis B is offered to patients who are at a higher risk of problems with the liver, and this treatment is monitored through our clinic. 

We also test our patients for the Hepatitis D virus, which can exist alongside Hepatitis B. 

Our service is convenient for patients, consisting mainly of telephone clinics with telephone interpreter services available if required.

You may speak to a doctor, or pharmacist in your clinic as this is a joint clinician and allied health professional run service.

More information

Patients can be referred into the Viral Hepatitis B service via:

  • their GP
  • midwife 
  • or if they have been identified as having Chronic viral Hepatitis B during an inpatient admission or under another specialty. 

We aim to see all new referrals in a timely manner, but it can take up to eight weeks.

We are located in the Hepatology Department, Offices 9D, 9th Floor.

The British Liver Trust is an excellent source of additional information on Hepatitis B.