Haematology Liverpool provides a specialist immune haematology service to patients in Liverpool and to patients referred from other hospitals in the North West.

We provide comprehensive, multi-professional care for patients with immune conditions affecting blood cells, including immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), autoimmune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA) and autoimmune neutropenia (AIN).

Inpatients are cared for on the specialist haematology ward at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (Ward 8B), and outpatient care is delivered through the Specialist Immunohaematology Clinic at the Royal Liverpool. Nurse led follow-up clinics are delivered virtually, and on the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aintree University Hospital sites.

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Referrals from primary care

Referrals from colleagues in primary care must be sent through the Haematology Referral Assessment Service (RAS) available on the NHS E-Referrals System. Referrals will be triaged by a clinical member of the team, and allocated to an appropriate clinic. If you require this service, you will be contacted with an offer of an appointment following this.

In some circumstances, we will contact you to have further investigations (such as blood tests) following the referral. In these circumstances you may be discharged with advice without being seen or may be booked into a clinic for review.

Referrals from other specialists

Referrals are received by letter from colleagues within the Trust or other providers (for example other Haematology Teams).  These referrals are reviewed by a clinician before allocating to the most appropriate clinic and if you require this service you will be offered an appointment. 

Outpatient clinics

  • Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Outpatients Department
  • Aintree University Hospital, Outpatients Department.

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