The Iron Deficiency Anaemia Team care for people with anaemia caused by lack of iron.

This can be caused by blood loss, or if a patient is not absorbing iron. 

We treat this with iron supplementation, and by eating iron-rich foods.

We are a nurse consultant led service with highly trained specialist nurses undertaking clinics on a daily basis.

All patients are seen in an outpatient basis. However, if you are an inpatient, your iron deficiency anaemia is treated by your clinical team.

Our outpatient clinics run four days a week. Three clinics are held via telephone, and one clinic is face to face. 

We are able to support patients with additional needs such as communication difficulties.

More information

Patients are referred to the team through:

  • Primary care (your GP)
  • Through our Emergency Department
  • Pre-op assessment team

Urology Centre.