The pain psychologists work closely with the wider Broadgreen Pain Clinic multi-disciplinary team. We provide assessment, intervention and signposting to outpatients with a diagnosis of chronic pain.  

We deliver psychoeducation relating to chronic pain conditions and also provide support to help people with adjustment and acceptance of living with long-term pain.

The team also help patients with the development of coping strategies to effectively self-manage chronic pain. We offer advice, education and consultation to the pain medicine multi-disciplinary team, specialist support for high opiate users and can also deliver assessment/consultation for complex inpatient cases. We work closely with the wider MDT to provide a holistic approach to the long term management of chronic pain presentations.

Psychological treatments are an important part of pain management. Understanding and trying to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours relating to pain can help people to cope better, and over time, can start to help to reduce the intensity of pain.  

Psychologists can help people to manage the stresses in life related to chronic pain. We can also help people to learn new coping strategies, like relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing exercises to keep stress levels under control. We also give people support with pacing and grading and learning to gradually increase their activity to enhance mood and improve their quality of life.

More information

Patients must be under the care of a Pain Clinic Consultant Anaesthetist to access the pain psychology service at Broadgreen Hospital.

Pain consultants provide any suitable patients with details of the psychology service, patients are provided a psychology leaflet and then telephone the pain secretaries to opt into the service. 

  • Dr Shelly Morris-King, Consultant Psychologist
  • Dr Rachel McGowan, Principal Clinical Psychologist