Pre-op assessment is an opportunity for the nursing/medical staff to identify any existing medical conditions or illnesses you may have that may lead to complications during surgery and or after surgery. 

During your assessment a through medical history will be obtained, as well as a physical examination if required and routine investigations such as ECG’s (heart readings) and blood pressure checks. Further investigations may be required for some patients to ensure you are fit to proceed for your surgery.

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Your GP will refer you to a consultant surgeon: dependent upon the type of referral you can expect to be seen as follows: 

Two-week rule - meaning you will be seen within 14 working days. This type of referral is classed as urgent.

18-week referral to treatment

Routine/non urgent conditions, you have the right to begin your treatment within 18 weeks from receipt of your GP referral.

Once a decision to operate has been agreed with your consultant surgeon, a request for your pre-op assessment will be made via the consultant’s secretary to the pre-op department.

Once this request has been received an appointment will be arranged and a letter sent out informing you of the time and date. You will also receive a text message. In the event of a cancellation, you may just receive the text message.

If the consultant feels your surgery is urgent, it will be prioritised and a date within one to two weeks will be arranged, or you may receive a call to attend pre-op assessment if an appointment is available sooner. 

As we cover many specialities, please do not hesitate to ask to ask the nursing team if any support groups exist for your personal type of surgery. We will always be happy to help.

You may have the opportunity to complete a medical questionnaire which will help colleagues better understand if you need to attend in person for a one-to-one consultation, and or further investigations.

In some circumstances for routine operations, you may be able complete the form and home, which may be sufficient once reviewed by a qualified member of the team.