The Renal Transplant Unit performs living and deceased donor kidney transplants on up to 130 patients each year.

A kidney transplant aims to improve the quality of life for many patients with kidney failure. During the operation, the team will transfer a healthy kidney into a patient who has little or no kidney function.

Not every patient is suitable for transplant and we have Renal Recipient Transplant Coordinators to help assess those patients who may be suitable for transplant.

The unit - which provides a transplant service for patients in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and further afield - boasts a first-rate reputation for its innovative clinical research, academic excellence, and excellent success rates.

Our approach to kidney transplantation integrates surgical, medical and clinical support specialists to engage in the continuous care and management of our patients through every stage of a successful kidney transplant.

Our surgeons work side-by-side with specially trained transplant medical staff including nephrologists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, anaesthetists and cardiologists who together, provide unmatched expertise before and after a transplant.

Our dedicated team also includes clinicians, specialist nurses, staff nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacist, dietician, social workers and administration staff who solely work with transplant patients.

We aim to:

  • Provide excellent pre, intra and post kidney transplant care to our patients
  • Maintain academic excellence in clinical transplant research
  • Provide transplant training to medical students, residents and Nephrology fellows
  • Promote organ donation
  • Work with our partners in the community to foster greater understanding of transplantation, its benefits and its outcomes
  • Work within the greater national and international transplant community to improve the quality of life for transplant patients.

More information

Patients are referred to the Renal Transplant Team by their nephrologists.

The Renal Transplant Unit offers a high-quality kidney transplant service for patients in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales, Isle of Man and further afield.

The Renal Transplant Unit is based on floor 7 of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.