Our Safeguarding teams work across all hospital sites providing a ‘whole of life’ service, ensuring all staff and volunteers receive appropriate support, advice, guidance, and training for all matters relating to:

  • Safeguarding across the whole life cycle
  • Domestic abuse and sexual violence
  • Serious violence
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Deprivation of liberty safeguards
  • Homelessness 
  • Oversight of the organisational nental health portfolio (detentions under MHA)
  • Preparedness for LPS.

Safeguarding means protecting people's health, wellbeing, and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse, and neglect. It's fundamental to high-quality health and social care.

We’re committed to improving the experience of all people living with dementia who access our hospitals. We do this by recognising and acknowledging the universal rights of those affected, by making dementia care safe, compassionate and evidence based. We value the greater involvement of people, families, and carers, in the shaping of the care that we provide for their loved ones.

The Learning Disability and Autism team is a whole of life service which provides support, advice and guidance for all matters relating to patients with a Learning Disability and or Autism.

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Safeguarding concerns for Adults and Children are referred into the service by clinicians throughout our hospitals using a secure electronic referral system.