St Paul’s Laser Vision is a private wing of the esteemed St Paul’s Eye Unit which has been providing world class eye care for 150 years.

Laser vision correction is a small procedure which corrects vision. Whether you are long or short sighted, one of the corrective eye surgeries we offer could be the answer to perfect vision.

Why choose us?

  • 25 years of experience in laser vision correction
  • Comprehensive after care
  • Not for a profit NHS organisation: our aim is always to provide you with best possible care
  • A high ratio of staff to patients, for an individualised and tailored approach. We take pride in helping you achieve fantastic vision.
  • Pioneering laser and diagnostics technology
  • The world’s highest performance eye laser for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery
  • Unmatched precision through 7D eye tracking. Extremely safe and reliable as the laser compensates for the slightest eye movement during the procedure. In fact, our laser checks eye movements 1,050 times every second!
  • Safe, gentle and touch-free treatment with SmartSurfACE. The innovative Touch-Free technology work without flap, blade or suction of the eye. No instruments come into contact with your globe.
  • Latest diagnostic and wave-front technology (Sirius and Peramis) coupled with latest keratoconus detection technology (Pentacam and Corvis) give you access to one of the best equipped laser clinic in the world to ensure you enjoy an unparalleled comprehensive care.

For more information, please visit St Paul's laser vision website.

St Paul’s Eye Unit
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