At the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre (LOOC), we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of adult ocular (eye) tumours.  Although we provide an oncology service, most patients coming to our clinic have a benign tumour, such as a cyst, haemorrhage or naevus (i.e. ‘mole’). The tools and expertise required for diagnosis and treatment of these conditions are similar to those needed for more serious disease. Do not assume that you have a dangerous condition just because you are referred to an oncology centre.

The Ocular Oncology Centre was designated a Supra-Regional Service by the National Specialised Commissioning Group (NSCG) in London. The purpose of this organisation is to ensure that patients with rare conditions, such as ocular tumours, are given the highest possible standard of care by an experienced specialist team.

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You have been referred because your eye specialist has identified a tumour (lump) in or on your eye.

In many cases this will be benign but there is a chance that it may be malignant.

Eye specialists refer patients to us. When we receive your referral we will send you:

If you live too far from Liverpool to travel on the same day, we can arrange accommodation at a local hotel for the night prior to your appointment. The cost of this accommodation is met by the hospital for one night and is booked on a room-only basis. Additional rooms/nights can be booked, at your request, but they will incur an additional charge.

Should you require this accommodation please contact the ocular oncology office on 0151 706 3973.

NHS cancer waiting time standards

31-day decision to treat to treatment standard

All patients who have a cancer diagnosis, and who have had a decision made on their first or subsequent treatment, should then start that treatment within 31 days.

62-day referral to treatment standard

Patients who have been referred for suspected cancer via any route and go on to receive a diagnosis should start treatment within 62 days of their referral.

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