Optometrists examine your eyes to detect any problems with your vision and general eye health and then treat any problem, often with glasses or contact lens.

Optometry services we offer:

Refraction service

This service assesses your vision and uses different tests to spot and correct any refractive error (a problem with the way light moves through your eye) using a range of specialised techniques.

We also carry out visual assessments before your consultant will consider you for partial sight or blind person registration.

Dispensing service

We fit, adjust, supply and repair glasses and other optical appliances. We dispense all types of glasses, but specialise in difficult, complex and extreme prescriptions and special frame requirements.

Our dispensing service has an open policy, which means that anyone who has a current prescription can have their glasses made up by our service.

Contact lens service

This service assesses and fits patients with contact lenses and provides the necessary aftercare. We specialise in conditions where contact lenses are clinically necessary.

Low visual aid service

We assess visually impaired patients with the aim of helping them to maximise their vision using distance and near low vision aids. We also supply low visual aids and typoscopes (reading guides), and advise on lighting contrasts and other things that might affect visually impaired people.

We also perform assessments of visually impaired patients who are seeking work to identify their special equipment needs.

Biometry services

We carry out ultrasound investigations prior to intra-ocular lens surgery. Ultrasound measurements are used in computerised calculations, which help surgeons to predict the optical refraction outcome of lenses to be used in cataract surgery.

Vision assessment services

Here we provide a wide range of vision assessment services for a variety of research purposes.

If you’re referred to our optometry department you can pick glasses and book appointments for contact lens and low visual aid clinics.

St Paul’s Eye Unit
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