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Outpatient information relating to this service is still in development.

Our inpatient therapy teams cover a wide range of specialities including general and specialist medicine wards (Associate in Training Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy), general and specialist surgery (Surgery team). 

The Respiratory team provide support into Critical Care and across various wards where patients require specific respiratory physiotherapy care. They also provide a small number of outpatients clinics including respiratory medicine. Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an integrated Occupational Therapy (OT)/Physiotherapy team that delivers care into our Emergency Department and assessment areas. 

Therapists also provide care to the Frailty service

Both teams support patients to be discharged home from these areas if a full admission to hospital is not required. 

Speech and Language Therapy and Dietetics also work across the wide range of specialities outlined above providing an inpatient service and delivering outpatient care. The registered staff are supported by assistant practitioners, dietetic and speech and language therapists.

The therapy teams work alongside doctors, nurses, social workers, and other staff to assist patients to return to everyday life as independently as possible and to plan their discharge from hospital at the earliest opportunity. 

To support patients to continue their recovery, the therapy staff may assess patients need for a referral to be sent to community teams for patients to continue their recover on leaving the hospital back in the community.

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Depending on the reason for the referral referrals are made to therapies from the medical and nursing teams or social workers.  This may be via a daily face to face meeting or via an electronic referral system.