Our goal is to deliver compassionate patient care through research, innovation and education.

The Major Trauma, Trauma and Orthopaedic Care Group at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust offers a world class orthopaedic service based over three sites. Aintree University Hospital performs all aspects of trauma surgery, whilst Broadgreen Hospital performs elective surgery. At the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, a dedicated fracture clinic and inpatient consultation service is available. 

Our aim is to ensure the best possible outcomes are obtained for all our patients, all of the time.

Aintree University Hospital (Trauma)

Neck of Femur Unit, (NOFU): 0151 529 0310

Ward 4: 0151 529 3511

Ward 2 (Major Trauma): 0151 529 6255

Ward 31: 0151 529 3527

Fracture Clinic: 0151 529 8448/2554/2535/4995 

Virtual Fracture Clinic: 0151 529 2536/4572

Orthopaedic Offices: 0151 529 2751/2752/2753

Broadgreen Hospital (Elective)

Main Hospital: 0151 706 2000

Appointments office - Follow up appointment: 0151 706 3309

Appointments Office - New appointment: 0151 706 3641

Clinics: 0151 282 6386

Ward 1: 0151 282 6745

Ward 3: 0151 282 6751

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Fracture Clinic: 0151 706 5555

More information

Following your attendance in our Emergency Departments, a walk-in-centre or via GP referral, the Trauma Orthopaedic team in the Virtual Fracture Clinic will review your x-rays and medical notes electronically and decide upon an appropriate management plan for you.

What happens next?

Patient aftercare is dependent on the nature of the injury.

You may not require follow up in Fracture Clinic if our Emergency Departments, have given you the appropriate advice and your injury is simple.

Following this review, you will be offered either an appointment in Fracture Clinic, at the right timeframe for your injury, or a telephone appointment with a specially trained Physiotherapist to discuss your injury and offer telephone advice.

We will contact you within seven days of receiving your Emergency Department, walk- in centre or GP referral, either by phone call or post depending on when your appointment is.

If you have not heard from us within seven days of your Emergency Department or walk-in centre attendance, please contact us on 0151 529 2536. Please ensure that you give the Emergency Department reception staff your up-to-date phone number and address.

Please be aware that phone calls made from within the hospital will appear on your phone as ‘number withheld’.

How to change or cancel a Fracture Clinic appointment?

If you need to change or cancel your first appointment with us, please contact the Virtual Fracture Clinic on 0151 529 2536.

However, any follow-up appointments that need to be changed or cancelled, please contact the appointments team on 0151 529 2751/2752.

This organisation is based within the Trust and can offer both financial, emotional and legal advice to patients.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a research active trust, supporting and facilitating new innovative ways of providing healthcare to improve patient experience and outcomes. To find out about current research opportunities or register for future studies, please visit the Orthopaedics Research page.