The Non-Mersey Weight Management Service is a multi-disciplinary Tier 3 service that is commissioned to provide assessment and support if you are seeking bariatric surgery. The service is for patients from East Lancashire, Morecambe Bay and Cumbria. 

Our team includes Consultants, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Dietitians. 
If you’re using this service, you will attend a group education session for your first appointment to provide you with information about bariatric surgery and the pathway towards this.

Follow up appointments will be on an individual basis in the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) clinic. At these appointments you will see multiple members of the team which may include a consultant, a dietitian, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

Our staff are specially trained to address lifestyle change whilst considering the health problems associated with obesity.

We ensure appropriate patients fully meet the criteria set out by the commissioners before referral, and that you are fully informed about what surgery involves.

This service is only commissioned for those patients wishing to access bariatric surgery. We are not able to see patients for conservative weight management or other anti-obesity treatments including GLP-1 injections.

More information

GP referrals via Electronic Referral System (ERS) 

Referrals from other health care professionals can be done via a clinical letter.

All referrals must include an up-to-date height and weight and past medical history.